UWM's digital future

Projects Selected for Funding -- Envisioning UWM's Digital Future


The projects selected for funding as part of UWM's Digital Future RFP are:

1) Online ESL Placement Test Module
Janet Wilgus
This project will research how to best create a Digital ESL (English as a Second Language) Placement Test Module in D2L, increasing institutional flexibility in meeting increasing student demand for the test.

2) Using Online Systems to Facilitate Research Collaboration

Robert Beck and Karen Brucks
Research would be conducted on developing a system that would match potential research collaborators and advance interdisciplinary research by the sharing of publication and teaching history, licenses/patents/certifications information, and information on many other professional activities. It would initially be accessible to the UWM community but would expand eventually to other research institutions.

3) Digital Research Collaboration in the Humanities
Margo Anderson, Amanda Seligman, History & Urban Studies; Ching-Tzu Chien, Michael Hostad, UITS
The Encyclopedia of Milwaukee digital encyclopedia project, which has also received RGI funding, will serve as a model for future digital projects at UWM that involve collaboration between humanities scholars with limited digital expertise, and UITS staff with limited humanities expertise. A resulting scholarly article will narrate the experience of the collaboration and evaluate that experience in the context of other digital humanities projects with an historical focus.

4) Broadly Available Computer Cycles
Daniel Siercks
This project will study expansion of 'scavenged computing cycles' to advanced student work. The use of this resource will be incorporated within curriculum of a pilot class, and specific feedback from the instructors and students will be collected about their experiences to better tailor the resource to end users.

5) Using an Interactive Simulated Classroom
Craig A. Berg
This research project focuses on using simulation technologies to identify the ideal practice and pathway to develop classroom management teaching skills in future teachers.




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