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Richard N. Katz


Richard N. Katz consults on strategy, technology, and assessment issues with governments, corporations, and colleges and universities worldwide. He serves on a number of corporate, university, and association governing and advisory boards. Katz is an internationally known speaker and author. He has delivered more than 200 keynote addresses, and he has written or edited seven books and more than 75 articles, monographs, and book chapters.

Katz served 14 years as vice president of EDUCAUSE and was the founding director of the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR). He had executive responsibility for establishing the first combined EDUCAUSE annual conference, The EDUCAUSE Review, and EQ. He oversaw EDUCAUSE corporate relations, and he forged relationships with the Northwest Academic Computing Consortium (NWACC), the New England Computing Program (NERCOMP), the Seminars on Academic Computing (SAC), and the College and University Computer Users Association (CUMREC).


Prior to joining EDUCAUSE, Katz held a variety of senior positions spanning 14 years at the University of California (UC). He staffed the nine-campus UC system's Improved Management Initiative, coordinating and leading groups charged with rethinking university approaches to accounting and finance, human resources management, capital programs, and institutional assessment. As Executive Director of Business Planning and Practices, he was responsible for guiding or implementing many of these strategic management initiatives. Katz was the second recipient of that university's Award for Innovative Management and Leadership.