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Budget & Planning

Budget Planning Process 2009-11
(Revised Instructions)

March 25, 2009

Deans and Academic Affairs Directors,

Now that we have more concrete information about our campus share of the 2009-11 budget reduction, we have updated the directions for preparing your budget planning materials due April 1st.

Although we need to continue to examine our capacity to reduce our expenditures by as much as 10% should state resources or other campus revenues continue to decline, at this time we will assign only those amounts necessary to meet the state budget reduction as proposed by the Governor over the next two years. The attached materials include a revised table providing the distribution of campus reductions for 2009-10 and 2010-11 by unit. I am asking each dean and director to submit a list of reduction strategies that would reduce expenditures by 5% for each year of the biennium and to prioritize those strategies that will achieve the anticipated budget reductions assigned on this table. Deans of units with budget deficits should expand the 5% list in order to recoup funds to eliminate budget deficits. The two options for 2009-10 are based on an assumption of a moderate tuition increase (Scenario A) versus no offset from a tuition increase (Scenario B). While there may be an additional tuition offset in 2010-11 that could diminish the budget reduction, at this point we will continue to plan for the reduction as proposed by the governor.

The updated budget planning instructions also include the template for the 2009-10 recruitment plan as well as a draft compilation of space needs and issues relevant for the 2011-13 Capital Plan. You'll recall that these plans build from issues identified in prior biennia that combine with issues more recently identified. We welcome your suggestions for additions or revisions to this draft list.

The budget planning instructions also provide an opportunity for you to identify strategies for increasing your revenue base as well as your contributions to our strategic initiatives. I'm looking forward to discussing these revenue-generating and cost reduction strategies with you. Planning meetings will be scheduled starting around April 15 at which time we will review your planning material. One expected outcome of these meetings will be to arrive at strategic choices for next year and to plan strategies for absorbing possible larger reductions in the future through achieving efficiencies, reorganizations, etc while also building our revenue options in keeping with our strategic initiatives.

If you have any questions, please contact Ed Rodriguez (, x5291).



Rita Cheng
Provost and Vice Chancellor