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Classroom Reservation Policy for Events

March 23, 2005


TO: Deans
  Division Heads
  Associate and Assistant Deans
  Department Chairs
  Academic Advisors
  Student Affairs Directors
  Student Association
FROM: Rita Cheng, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor
RE: Classroom Reservation Policy for Events

In order to ensure the availability of classrooms for class scheduling, we have developed new guidelines for scheduling of events and meetings.

Student and/or sponsored groups should initiate any requests for rooms with the Union Reservations and Event Planning Services (229-4828). Each semester after course scheduling is completed, Classroom Assignments makes some classrooms available for the Union’s use to accommodate room requests that cannot be met within their own facility. The Union is also aware of when classrooms can and cannot be committed for events. Although not a classroom, Greene Hall is also within the control of Classroom Assignments (229-5997), and can be reserved as appropriate and necessary.

The general guidelines for event scheduling in classrooms are as follows:

  1. No classrooms will be assigned to events prior to the 3rd week of the fall and spring terms during the normal school week (Monday through Friday). Classes are still being added and room assignments changed to allow for capacity changes and media requests during this period.

  2. Events generally will not be scheduled in larger rooms or lecture halls during exam weeks, since there are frequently requests for room changes for combined exams or special exam seat spacing.

  3. To ensure equitable access to facilities, Classroom Assignments reserves the right to limit the number of reservations and the timing of future reservations that can be made by any given organization or department. Generally, repeat events will not be approved early in a term for the duration of the term at times when classroom availability is limited. Similarly, an organization or unit cannot monopolize use of a room throughout the semester (e.g. reserving a lecture hall for every Wednesday night all term), and in so doing preclude its subsequent use by other organizations.

Thank you for your cooperation.

c: Carlos Santiago, Chancellor
  Mary Roggeman, Interim Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
  Mark Schwartz, Chair, University Committee
  Sarine Schmidt, Chair, Academic Staff Committee
  Randy Ryder, Interim Secretary of the University
  Beth Weckmueller, Executive Director, Enrollment Services
  Allen Meier, Classroom Assignments