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Policies & Procedures

Differential Tuition Overview

Differential tuition is assessed above the overall tuition rate to students to support institutional or program initiatives. UWS Board of Regents approved differential tuition initiatives include institution-wide differentials and program-specific differentials. As an example of a institution-wide differential, students at UW-Eau Claire are assessed a differential tuition that supports first-year experience course sections, capstone courses, service learning, undergraduate students/faculty collaborative research, and experiential learning/internships. Examples of program-specific differentials are those assessed to UWM masters students in business, occupational therapy, and communication science disorders. As opposed to general tuition paid by all students, revenues from differential tuition programs remain within the school or college in which the program is housed.

In the spring of 2004, the UWS Board of Regents approved UWM’s proposal to assess differential tuition beginning in the fall semester of 2004-05 for courses in the Peck School of the Arts, the College of Engineering and Applied Science, the School of Business Administration, and the College of Nursing. These differential tuition proposals had been approved by the UW-Milwaukee Student Association Senate on October 26, 2003. As agreed to in the review and approval process, the schools/colleges that utilize differential tuition will provide information to students on their web sites and will update this information annually. In addition, each school/college provides an annual update to the UWM Student Senate.

These web sites are located at:

Peck School of the Arts

College of Engineering and Applied Science

Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business

College of Nursing

School of Architecture & Urban Planning

Additional Information and Resources:

Agenda of the February 24, 2004 Board of Regents meeting (including the UWM Proposal for Differential Tuition)

Minutes of the February 24, 2004 Board of Regents meeting