Academic Resources

Dean of Students
The Dean of Students has primary responsibility for financial appeals, nonacademic discipline, and supervision of various departments related to student life, such as the Office of Student Life (OSL), the Student Activities Office, the Women's Resource Center (WRC), and the Student Association Liaison Office.

Registrar's Office
Here's where you'll find everything you need to know to sign up for courses, make sure you're registered in the right courses and have the appropriate prerequisites.

Tutoring and Mentoring Resources
You don't have to be alone in your studies. UWM has ample tutoring programs opportunities to help you navigate the rocky patches. Mentors are available to give you advice on a wide variety of subjects, both academic and more general questions about campus life.

Career Development Center
The Career Development Center helps students choose satisfying majors, build career skills, and make successful transitions from campus to career. Through a variety of programs, students can plan an education which is both rewarding and marketable. They can also plug into the largest job market in the state.

Academic Advising
Get a personal guide for navigating course requirements, making sure you're meeting your degree requirements, and experienced advice on being successful at UWM.

UWM College Connection

The college connection is a collaboration between UWM and many two-year colleges in the UW system. You can earn their bachelor's degree from UWM, without ever leaving your local College campus.

Center for International Education
Become a global citizen as you pursue an international major or certificate, study or work abroad, attend free on-campus lectures and conferences, and get to know students from around the world through the on-campus and overseas programs, student clubs and special events sponsored by CIE.