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Special Notations and Restrictions

100 Architecture
101 Introduction to Architectural Theory
ART (Art)
CC CD 100 American Art and Culture
CC 105 Art Survey (formerly 121)
CC 106 Art Survey (formerly 122)
124 Design Survey
CC CD 150 Multicultural America
DANCE (Dance)
103 Introduction to Iyengar Yoga
110 Introduction to the Art of Dance
111 Ballet I
113 Modern Dance Technique I
115 Jazz Dance I
117 Tap I
CC CD 122 African Dance and Diaspora Technique I
133 Creative Movement I
220 Body Sense
CC CD 313 Dance of the African Diaspora
315 History of the American Musical Theater
CC 320 Rituals and Culture
CC 360 Movement and Learning
C* 370 World Movement Traditions: (Subtitle) VC
ENGLISH (English)
233 Introduction to Creative Writing (formerly 203)
FILM (Film)
CC CD 150 Multicultural America
C* 301 Conversations with Filmakers and Critics
CC 302 Video in the Classroom
309 Theory & Practice of Media Literacy
FINE ARTS (Fine Arts)
101 Arts Alive
189 Fine Arts Workshop: Introduction to the Fine Arts at UWM OS
HONORS (Honors)
H 380 Honors Seminar in the Arts: Subtitle VC
290 Creativity, Performance, and the Fine Arts
MUSIC (Music)
031 University Band
041 Symphony Band
045 University Choir
053 Woman's Chorus
057 Concert Chorale
059 Chamber Choir
062 Gospel Choir
081 University Community Orchestra
082 Symphony Orchestra
100 Introduction to Music Literature
101 Fundamentals of Music
CC 102 American Popular Music
108 The Concert Experience
130 Beginning Piano (formerly 341)
131 Intermediate Piano (formerly 342)
140 Beginning Voice (formerly 343)
150 Beginning Guitar (formerly 345)
151 Intermediate Guitar (formerly 346)
152 Guitar Performance Survey (formerly 347)
271 Jazz Ensemble
CD 280 Special Studies in Music: Introduction to African American Music CD,OS
280 Special Studies in Music: Jazz Theory OS
CC CD 280 Special Studies in Music: Music in American Cultures CD,OS
280 Special Studies in Music: Traditional and Ethnic Musics of the Midwest OS
300 Literary Aspects of Rock and Roll
CC 309 American Folk and Popular Music
CC 310 Introduction to World Music
449 Women in Music: Subtitle VC
452 Collegium Musicum
MUSIC EDUCATION (Music Education)
260 Making Music Connections with Children
THEATRE (Theatre)
100 Design and Production for Performances
101 Acting for Non-majors
102 Introduction to Design for Performance
108 Performance Techniques for Musical Theatre
109 Theatre Production
111 Theatre Games
CC 120 Performance and Popular Culture
204 Participatory Theatre
213 Play Analysis (formerly 103)
C* 260 Storytelling: (Subtitle) (formerly 460) VC
305 The Theatrical Experience: Subtitle (formerly 105) VC
321 The Theatre: Beginnings through Realism
322 The Theatre: Modern and Contemporary Period
325 History of Costume (formerly 125)
406 Properties Construction
407 Contemporary Theatre Performance: (Subtitle) VC

Special Notations and Restrictions

CD = Satisfies Cultural Diversity

NS += Natural Science laboratory course

H = Honors seminar

CC = Cultures & Communities

C* = Some sections (topics) may satisfy CC. Check the UWM Schedule of Classes , Cultures and Communities Program Office web site, or call 414-229-5960 for CC-approved topics.

OS = Only Subtitle approved for GER distribution

CD,OS = Only subtitles approved for GER distribution and Cultural Diversity

OSC = Only subtitles approved for GER and Cultures and Communities Program

CD,OSC = Only subtitles approved for GER, Cultural Diversity, and Cultures and Communities Program

VC = Variable content course; see the course listing in the UWM Undergraduate Catalog for conditions underwhich course may be repeated