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All students required to meet the General Education Requirements (GER) and all College of Letters and Science students, regardless of their degree program, must select courses for the distribution requirements from the following list. However, courses listed under "Non L&S Majors" headings do not satisfy General Education Requirements for College of Letters and Science students.

Please Note:

  1. Not all degree programs or majors accept all GER courses
  2. Courses may not be offered every semester
  3. Other restrictions are noted in the footnotes

Consult with your advisor to determine which courses are appropriate for your chosen course of study.

Cultural Diversity

Most cultural diversity courses also satisfy Arts, Humanities, or Social Science GER distribution. Cultural diversity courses are noted in the appropriate section of this list with an "&" to the left of the course number.

A few courses satisfy Cultural Diversity ONLY, and do not satisfy any other GER distribution. These Courses are listed in the "Cultural Diversity ONLY" Section.