At UWM we offer many majors and their corresponding degree type. Details about majors and degrees offered can be found here.

General Degree Requirements

The general requirements for a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree are:

  • A minimum of 120 credits (varies according to school/college).
  • A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00.
  • Residency requirement: The final 30 credits (senior year), must be taken at UWM.

Dual Degree vs. Double Major

The following guidelines are provided as general information regarding Dual Degrees and Double Majors. Most schools/colleges do not offer Dual Degrees. Please contact your school/college advising offices for more detailed information.

  • Dual Degree:
    • Students interested in dual-degree programs must apply and be accepted by each program separately.
    • Students will be assigned advisors from both programs (if programs are in different schools/colleges) in which they are studying.
    • While the specific requirements of each dual-degree program differs, each program offers students the opportunity to acquire two degrees in less time than it would take if pursued independently.
    • Both sets of degree requirements must be fulfilled before either degree is awarded.
    • Upon completion of a dual degree program the student will:
      • Apply for graduation twice. (once for each degree)
      • Be billed an $80.00 graduation fee by the Bursars office ($40.00 per degree)
      • Receive 2 diplomas ( one for each completed degree)
      • The final transcript will reflect two separate degrees
  • Double Major:
    A double major is defined differently than a Dual Degree. A double major is defined as:
    • An additional major in either your current academic program or another school/college at UWM.
    • Students who opt for a double major must complete only the major requirements; they are not required to complete degree requirements for an entire second degree.
    • Upon completion of a double major the student will:
      • Apply for graduation once
      • Be billed a $40.00 graduation fee by the Bursars office
      • Receive 1 diploma
      • The final transcript will reflect one degree with two majors

    Policy for Granting Degrees

    The faculty of each major has determined the title of the degree to be awarded upon completion of each of their approved programs of study. The following is a complete list of majors and their corresponding degree type offered at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

    Degree Table

    School/College Academic Major Degree Designation
    Health Sciences Clinical Laboratory Sciences BS

    Communication Sciences & Disorders BS

    Health Care Administration BS

    Kinesiology BS

    Occupational Therapy BS

    Therapeutic Recreation BS
    Architecture & Urban Planning Architectural Studies BS
    Business Administration Accounting BBA

    Finance BBA

    Human Resources Management BBA

    Management Information Systems BBA

    Marketing BBA

    Production & Operations Management BBA
    Education Community Education BS

    Education BS

    Educational Studies BS

    Exceptional Education BS
    Engineering & Applied Science Civil Engineering BSE

    Computer Science BS

    Electrical Engineering BSE

    Industrial Engineering BSE

    Materials Engineering BSE

    Mechanical Engineering BSE
    The Arts Art BA,BFA

    Art Education BFA

    Dance BA,BFA

    Film BFA

    Inter-Arts BFA

    Music BA,BFA

    Music Education BFA

    Theatre BA,BFA
    Letters & Science Africilogy BA

    Anthropology BA

    Applied Mathematics and Physics BS

    Art History and Criticism BA

    Atmospheric Sciences BS

    Conservation & Environmental Science BA,BS

    Biochemistry BS

    Biological Sciences BA,BS

    Chemistry BA,BS

    Classics BA

    Communication BA

    Comparative Literature BA

    Course in Chemistry BS

    Economics BA

    English BA

    Film (interdisciplinary with Fine Arts) BA

    French BA

    Geography BA,BS

    Geosciences BA,BS

    German BA

    Global Studies BA

    Hebrew Studies BA

    History BA

    International Studies BA

    Italian BA

    Journalism & Mass Communication BA

    Linguistics BA

    Mathematics BA,BS

    Medical Science BS

    Philosophy BA

    Physics BA,BS

    Political Science BA

    Psychology BA

    Religious Studies BA

    Russian BA

    Sociology BA

    Spanish BA

    Multidisciplinary-Committee-directed BA,BS
    Information Studies Information Science and Technology BS
    Nursing Nursing BS

    Nursing (Collaborative Program) BS
    Social Welfare Criminal Justice BS

    Social Work BS