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UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

School of Education

Administrative Leadership

The Department of Administrative Leadership offers an area of concentration for undergraduates within the School of Education as part of the B.S. in Educational Studies program. The department also offers course work leading to the Wisconsin Professional Credential for Child Care Administrators.

The Department of Administrative Leadership also offers master's degree programs and specializations within the Urban Education Doctoral Program in Adult and Continuing Education Leadership, Educational Administration and Higher Education Administration.

The Adult and Continuing Education Leadership specialization prepares students for positions of leadership in a wide range of postsecondary programs, including vocational and technical education, university extension, continuing education, training and human resource development, instructional design, instructional technology, adult basic education, adult literacy, and community education.

The Educational Administration specialization prepares teachers for administrative positions in elementary and secondary schools as a principal, supervisor/director of instruction, director of special education and pupil services, and school business manager. A post-master's Specialist Certificate program for the school superintendent license also is offered through the Educational Administration specialization.

The Higher Education Administration specialization prepares leaders for urban higher education institutions who honor diversity and difference among people, groups, and societies.

Consult the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Graduate Bulletin for admission criteria and procedures for degree or certificate programs.

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