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UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

School of Education

Major in Educational Studies

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Educational Studies. A non-certification bachelor's degree as well as a second undergraduate degree program to prepare educators in non-school settings. For admission and program information, contact the Educational Studies program advisor, Enderis Hall 209, (414) 229-4721.

The Educational Studies major, based in the Department of Administrative Leadership, is an individualized professional education program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree or a second undergraduate degree in Educational Studies. It is an interdisciplinary degree option for students who wish to examine education as a discipline or to pursue careers as educators in non-school settings. In particular, the major provides opportunities for study in the areas of adult education, youth leadership, and training and workforce development.

It is recommended that students declare Educational Studies as their intended major prior to admission to ensure meeting program requirements. Contact the Office of Academic Services for more information, (414) 229-4721.


1. Completion of a minimum of 58 degree credits with a minimum GPA of 2.50;
2. Completion of the UWM Oral & Written Communication Competency-Part A;
3. Completion of the UWM Quantitative Literacy Competency-Part A; and
4. Submission of an Educational Studies Program Plan developed with an academic advisor, listing courses to be taken.

Course of Study

The major is based in the Department of Administrative Leadership, and students, with their advisors, develop a course of study that emphasizes coursework appropriate to the academic/professional goals of the student. Currently the focus areas are adult education, youth leadership, and training and workforce development.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 128 credits is needed for graduation. Students must satisfy all UWM, School of Education, and Educational Studies program requirements, and have satisfactorily completed the following minimum requirements:

Educational Studies Core Curriculum Requirements. A total of 36 credits is required in liberal arts coursework with 9 credits in each of the following areas: the humanities, fine arts, natural siences, and social sciences. For courses that satisfy the distribution requirements in these areas, see the current Schedule of Classes.

Students not enrolled in a degree program in an accredited institution prior to September 1986 must also meet the General Education Requirements (GER).

Educational Studies Major. The Educational Studies Major is a means of developing professional skills. It requires completing at least 42 credits, 34 of them in the School of Education, with a 2.75 grade point average overall. The major contains three components:

Focus Area. A minimum of 18 credits in the chosen area of concentration (i.e., adult education, youth leadership, or training and workforce development).

Fieldwork. 3-6 credits. Practical experience applying the professional fieldwork skills of the student in an appropriate work setting.

Common Learning Component. Each student must earn 24 credits in coursework that develops knowledge of social cultural perspectives, human development and learning, program development, and communication skills/group processes. Contact the Office of Academic Services for a list of acceptable course titles.

Advanced-Level Coursework Outside the School of Education. Students enrolled as Educational Studies majors must complete a minimum of 12 credits of advanced-level coursework offered through departments outside the School of Education. Courses must be numbered 300 or above.

General University Electives. The program allows for a significant number of general University electives. For example, Educational Studies majors may elect supportive coursework in psychology, business, information studies, and/or other appropriate schools and departments.

Educational Studies Second Degree Requirements

1. Complete 42 credits.

A. At least 30 of the program credits must be earned in residence at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and following admission to the Educational Studies Program. The remaining 12 credits may be transferred from previous institutions/programs or earned inclusively within the Educational Studies program.

B. At least 20 of the 42 credits must be earned in upper-division courses (300 level or above). The common learning components allow for accommodation of this requirement.

C. Earn at least 18 credits in selected focus areas. Select from adult education, youth leadership, and training and workforce development.

D. Earn 3 credits in fieldwork within the selected focus area. The fieldwork placement will be determined by the faculty advisor and academic advisor.

E. Earn 24 credits in the common learning components. These credits will be selected in consultation with the faculty advisor: social cultural perspectives, human development and learning, program development, and communication skills and group processes.

2. Achieve a 2.75 GPA on all focus area and common learning components credits.


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