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UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014

College of Letters and Science

Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

Robert Ricigliano, Adjunct Professor of Communication; Director, Institute of World Affairs, Coordinator
AJ Corner, Advisor, Garland Hall 111, (414) 229-6825, corner@uwm.edu (Last names A-L)
Aparna Datey, Advisor, Garland 113, (414) 229-3042, datey@uwm.edu (Last names M-Z)

The Certificate Program in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution is a multi-disciplinary program with the aim of analyzing and understanding factors that encourage or inhibit war, peace, violence, conflict, or cooperation.The program provides students with practical skills and ideas to help people communicate and cooperate better in order to make sustainable organizational and societal change.


The certificate in peace studies and conflict resolution is open to all students seeking a bachelor's degree from UWM, to students who previously have received a bachelor's degree from UWM or any other accredited college or university, and to those who do not plan to pursue a college or university degree (non-degree students) but who have a strong interest in this subject. To be admitted to the university as non-degree students, individuals must meet regular university admission requirements. The program leading to the certificate is open to students majoring in any field.

Course of Study

A student must complete 18 credits in the program; nine of these must be in advanced courses (300-level and above). All students are required to complete an exit survey before the certificate is awarded.

A 2.50 GPA must be achieved in courses prescribed for the certificate. At least one-half of the work for the certificate must be completed at UWM.

Students interested in the peace studies and conflict resolution certificate program should consult with the coordinator or the advisor to plan a program.

There are three components to the program:

I. Required Courses: Two of the following five courses (6 credits)

PeaceSt 201

Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Peace

Commun 520

Negotiation Workshop

Commun 665

Introduction to Mediation

Commun 675

International Mediation

Pol Sci 175

Introduction to International Relations

II. Required Fieldwork (3 credits):

The purpose of this requirement is to enable the student to engage in peace studies through "practical" experience or research. The student should be engaged in the "practice of peace" through community service, conflict identification and education, environmental awareness, governmental politics, or social change. The area of study must be approved by the coordinator of the peace studies certificate and must meet the requirements of the department through which it is being completed. The fieldwork requirement may be fulfilled in one of three ways: an internship, study abroad, or independent study.

III. Elective Courses (9 credits) :

Students are encouraged to construct an area of concentration from their elective credits. Suggested areas of concentration may be geographic and/or thematic, such as:

• World regions and countries
• World religions and practices
• Conflict resolution skills
• International relations
• Sustainable development
• Peace studies/education
• Environmental studies
• Social change/social justice
• Economic development

Following is the list of approved courses. For the specific content and prerequisites of each course, see its listing under the originating department elsewhere in this catalog. Additional courses may be approved with the consent of the Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Program coordinator.

Africol 218

Conflict and Cooperation in Black-White Relations

Africol 265

Psychological Effects of Racism

Africol 300

Urban Violence

Africol 322

Order and Disorder: The Quest for Social Justice

CES 210 Introduction to Conservation and Environmental Science
CES (Bio Sci) 471 Principles of Natural Resource Management
CES 490 Senior Seminar: Conservation and Environmental Science

Commun 350

Intercultural Communication

Commun 363 (263)*

Communication in Human Conflict

Commun 365 (520) Negotiation Skills Workshop

Commun 500

Communication and Community Service (w/appropriate project setting)

Commun 665 Introduction to Mediation
Commun 675 Communication in International Mediation and Peacebuilding

CompLit 230

Literature and Society: ("Existentialism" subtitle)

CompLit 231

Literature and Religion: ("Literature of the Holocaust" subtitle)

CompLit 232 Literature and Politics: (w/appropriate subtitle)

CompLit 233

Literature and Film: ("Film and War" subtitle)

CompLit 433

Comparative Mythology

Crm Jst 416

Domestic Violence Research

Crm Jst 420

Violence and the Criminal Justice System

Econ 353 (474)

Economic Development

EducPol 411

Conflict and Change

EducPol 520

Peace Education

Educ Pol 521 Nonviolence in Education
EducPol 522
Abusive Relationships: Community Problems, Community Solutions

English 247

Literature and Human Experience: ("Literature of the Ecological Vision" subtitle)

English 293

Literature and Media: ("African American Literature on Film" subtitle)

Env Std 210

Environmental Dynamics

Env Std 490

Senior Seminar: Conservation and Environmental Science

ExcEduc 617 Cooperative Learning: Creative Conflict

Geog 120

Our Physical Environment

Geog 125

Introduction to Environmental Geography

Geog 350

Conservation of Natural Resources

Global 101

Introduction to Global Studies I: People and Politics

Global 201 Introduction to Global Studies II: Economics and the Environment
Global 202 Introduction to Global Studies III: Globalization and Technology
Global 371 Rethinking Global Security
Global 471 Strategies for Realizing Security in Global Contexts
Global 499 Ad Hoc: (w/appropriate subtitle)

HebrSt 275

Introduction to Middle Eastern and Western Religions

Hist 200

Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues: ("Civil Strife in Northern Ireland" subtitle)

Hist 249 The Second World War in Europe

Hist 275

Introduction to Middle Eastern and Western Religion

Hist 280

Islamic Civilization: The Formative Period, ca. 500-1258

Hist 282

The Modern Middle East in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Hist 286 The Korean War

Hist 287

The Vietnam War

Hist 363

Germany: Hitler and the Nazi Dictatorship

Hist 434

The United States as a World Power in the Twentieth Century

Hist 440

History of the American Working Classes

Hist 457

Military History of the United States

IntlSt 550

Senior Seminar in International Studies: (w/appropriate subtitle)

PeaceSt 201*

Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Peace

Philos 204

Introduction to Asian Religions

Philos 244 Ethical Issues in Health Care: (w/appropriate subtitle)

Philos 255

Philosophy of Political Action

Philos 271

Philosophical Traditions: ("Western Great Lakes American Indian Philosophy" subtitle)

Philos 275

Introduction to Middle Eastern and Western Religions

Philos 355

Political Philosophy

Philos 475

Special Topics in Indian Religious Thought: ("Gandhi and Nonviolence" subtitle)

Pol Sci 175*

Introduction to International Relations

Pol Sci 316

International Law

Pol Sci 328 The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Pol Sci 333

Seminar in Comparative Politics: ("Collective Violence and the State" subtitle)

Pol Sci 337

International Organization and the United Nations

Pol Sci 338

Seminar in International Relations: (Subtitle)

Pol Sci 340

Politics of Nuclear Weapons

Pol Sci 359

Problems of American Foreign Policy

Pol Sci 361

History of International Political Thought

Pol Sci 365

Theories and Methods in International Politics

Pol Sci 370

International Conflict

Pol Sci 371 Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict

Pol Sci 419

Constitutional Interpretation

Pol Sci 464

Women and the Law

Psych 611

Current Topics: ("Psychology of Conflict, War, and Peace" subtitle)

Sociol 215

Religion and Society

Sociol 325

Social Change

Sociol 450

Environmental Sociology

Theatre 204 Participatory Theatre

*if not selected in Section I.


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