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UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

College of Letters and Science

Special Program in the Study of Aging

Admission to this certificate program is suspended pending further curriculum development.

Anne Basting, Advisor, Associate Professor, Social Welfare; Director, Center on Age and Community
END 1163, (414) 229-2732, basting@uwm.edu

The Special Program in the Study of Aging is an interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate program that is offered through the College of Letters & Science and is available to all students at UWM. Designed to supplement a broad range of student interests and academic and preprofessional majors, the program consists of 18 credits including:

1. At least 9 credits (three courses) from core curriculum courses that are classified on the basis of content into one of three areas: the humanistic, behaviorial, and biological dimensions of aging. Students must select courses from at least two of the three areas. (See the program coordinator for a current list.)

2. Three credits of independent research in aging. Research projects are approved by the coordinator and, with the help of a faculty advisor, are tailored to the particular interests of the student.

3. Up to 6 credits of aging-related courses may be counted toward the 18 required credits. Normally, students select these courses after consulting with their faculty advisor in the program. A maximum of 3 credits of approved independent study over and above the independent research requirement may be counted as part of the aging-related courses.

The student must maintain a 2.500 GPA for the 18 credits that make up the certificate.

For additional information, contact the program advisor.

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