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UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2015-2016

College of Letters and Science

German Studies

Garry W. Davis, Associate Professor of German and Linguistics, Coordinator
CRT 895, (414) 229-4942, gdavis@uwm.edu

The German Studies Certificate Program is designed to offer UWM students the opportunity to experience firsthand contemporary German life and culture by integrating a semester of study at the Justus Liebig Universität in Giessen with their coursework at UWM. This certificate program is unique in its requirement of a semester study abroad. While at Justus Liebig Universität, students take a sequence of courses that deal with the history and culture of Germany, completing 15 of the 27 credits required by the certificate program. Upon completion of the requirements, students are awarded a certificate, which evidences a concentration in coursework related to the culture, civilization, and language of Germany. The courses taken in Giessen provide the student with a broad exposure to social and cultural issues in German life and society. The program will be of particular interest to students who major in German, music, art, art history, literature, history, international studies, political science, and business.

Prior to the required semester abroad, students must have sophomore standing and demonstrate intermediate proficiency in German (as described in the ACTFL Provisional Proficiency Guidelines) by a written and oral test or by transcript evidence of successful completion of fourth-semester German at UWM. During their semester of study in Giessen, students pay UWM tuition and earn UWM credits. Their programs of study are overseen by a select group of faculty members of the Justus Liebig Universität.

To earn the certificate, students must complete satisfactorily a minimum of 27 credits in courses beyond prerequisite language courses with an average grade of B or better. Students propose their individual programs of study from the list of required and elective courses and submit their proposals to the German Studies Certificate Committee for approval.

Required Core Courses: 6 cr.

The following two courses must be completed prior to the semester of study in Giessen:

German 111

German Life and Civilization: Part I

German 112

German Life and Civilization: Part II

Electives: Minimum of 6 cr.

At least two courses must be completed from a list of approved electives. The list is updated periodically by the German Studies Certificate Committee. Courses from this list may be taken before or after the semester in Giessen.

ArtHist 366

German Painting 1800-1933

Geog 235

West Europe

German 360

German for the Global World

German 361

German for International Business Communication

German 410

German Cultural History

German 411

Modern-Day Germany

German 415

Topics in German Civilization: (Subtitle)

Hist 362

Germany: The Rise to World Power, 1815-1918

Hist 363

Germany: Hitler and the Nazi Dictatorship

Philos 433

Nineteenth-Century Philosophers

Pol Sci 333

Seminar in Comparative Politics: (Subtitle)

Pol Sci 334

German Politics and the New Europe

Courses at the Justus Liebig Universität: 15 cr.

1. Intensive German Workshop, 3 cr. This course is required and is offered in Giessen prior to the start of the Giessen Sommersemester (second semester). It runs six weeks and is taught by JLU faculty and tutors.

2. During the JLU Sommersemester, students register for JLU courses in the following areas to earn a total of 9-12 UWM credits: German a) art; b) literature; c) history; d) politics; e) society and social organizations; and f) geography.

3. During their period of study in Giessen, students may earn 3 of the required 15 credits in an independent study project involving a substantial written report specifically designed to relate the Giessen studies to the student‰s academic major at UWM.

4. Student study plans during the semester in Giessen require the approval of the German Studies Certificate Committee.

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