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Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Elisabetta Cova, Assistant Professor of Classics, Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Coordinator
CRT 814, (414) 229-3239, covae@uwm.edu

The Ancient Mediterranean Studies Certificate Program at UWM provides undergraduate students with an interdisciplinary program for the study of the cultures and societies of ancient Greece and Rome and fosters interaction among faculty members with a teaching or research interest in the classical world. Drawing on the resources of specialists working in this field at UWM, the program offers students a coordinated core of courses clustered around the disciplines of classics, history, and art history, and also draws on the resources of several other related areas and disciplines, such as anthropology, comparative literature, English, Hebrew studies, philosophy, and political science.

While the program requires some study of the ancient languages, proficiency in Latin and Greek is not required for certification. Students, however, may obtain a certificate in Ancient Mediterranean Studies with Language Proficiency if they complete, as part of or in addition to the certificate requirements, 9 credits in Latin or Greek courses numbered 300 and above or pass a proficiency exam. Students also are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities for study abroad, including fieldwork in archaeology, which may be used to fulfill certificate requirements.

The program is open to all students seeking a bachelor's degree from UWM and to students who previously received a bachelor's degree from UWM or any other accredited college or university. The program coordinator interviews interested students to ascertain the appropriateness of the program to their academic goals and to inform them of program requirements. Students currently involved in baccalaureate studies who successfully complete the requirements of the program will be awarded the certificate at the time of graduation. Students who already have a bachelor's degree receive the certificate upon completion of the program requirements.


Students enrolled in the Certificate in Ancient Mediterranean Studies (CAMS) Program must complete a minimum of 24 credits, distributed as follows:

Core Requirements (18-20 credits)

  1. 6 credits in history, chosen from Hist 201, 202, 303, 304, 307, and 308; Hist 370 and 371 can be taken with approval from the coordinator.
  2. 6 credits in art history, chosen from ArtHist 101 and/or 300-level or above ArtHist courses from the approved list.
  3. Two semesters at any level in one of the following languages: Latin, Greek, or Biblical Hebrew (6-8 credits, depending on the course).

In addition to the core requirements, students also must complete 6 credits from the list of approved courses (usually found in Anthropology, Art History, Classics, Hebrew Studies, History, and Philosophy), at least 3 of which must be in an approved CAMS course at the 300 level or above or in any Latin or Greek course not used to fulfill the language requirement. Other courses may count toward the certificate at the discretion of the Program's Advisory Committee. Students may petition to include courses with appropriate content that do not appear on the list.

Students must achieve a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in the courses that satisfy the Program requirements, and all such courses must be graded rather than taken on a credit/no credit basis. Of the 24 required credits, at least 9 credits must be taken at the advanced level (numbered 300 and above) in residence at UWM. At least 12 credits must be taken in courses in the College of Letters and Science, with at least 6 of these at the advanced level.

Guidelines for Substitutions

Generally, substitutions for core requirements will not be allowed except in cases when an equivalent course has been taken at another university. In such cases, the student must petition the CAMS advisory committee and provide the following documentation: a formal statement of justification, a syllabus, and a transcript.

Approved Courses

Anthro 103

Digging Up the Past: Approaches to Archaeology


Anthro 305

The Celtic World


Anthro 306 European Archaeology 3
Anthro 307 World Archaeology: Foundation of Civilization 3

ArtHist 101

Ancient and Medieval Art and Architecture


ArtHist 220 The Beginning of Medieval Art 3

ArtHist 312

Minoan and Mycenaean Art and Archaeology


ArtHist 313

Greek Art and Archaeology


ArtHist 315

Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt


ArtHist 316

Roman Art and Archaeology


ArtHist 322

Origins of Medieval Art


ArtHist 324 Art and Architecture of Byzantium 3
ArtHist 327 Art and Architecture of Islamic Spain 3

ArtHist 412

Cities and Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece


ArtHist 413 Greek Sculpture 3
ArtHist 414 Greek Vase Painting 3
ArtHist 416 Roman Architecture 3
Classic 101 Latin and Greek in English Words 3
Classic 170 Classical Mythology 2
Classic 171 Classical Mythology: An Audiovisual Supplement 1
Classic 192 Freshman Seminar: "Ancient Greek and Roman Love Poetry" subtitle 3
Classic 201 Introduction to Greek Life and Literature 3
Classic 202 Introduction to Roman Life and Literature 3
Classic 260 Classical Utopias 3
Classic 296 UROP Apprenticeship 1-3
Classic 297 Study Abroad: (Subtitle) 1-12
Classic 299 Ad Hoc: "Egyptian Hieroglyphics" subtitle 3
Classic 301 The Life and Literature of Classical Athens: Herodotus and Dramatists 3
Classic 302 War and Politics in Ancient Greece 3
Classic 303 The Life and Literature of the Roman Empire 3
Classic 304 The Graeco-Roman World: (Subtitle) 3
Classic 375 Origins and Survivals of Classical Myth 3
Classic 381 Honors Seminar: (Subtitle)


Classic 390 Egyptian Mythology 3
Classic 497 Study Abroad: (Subtitle) 1-12
CompLit 207 World Literature in Translation: Antiquity through the 1600s 3
CompLit 410 Classical Backgrounds of Modern Literature: (with appropriate subtitle) 3
CompLit 463 Literary Criticism: Major Authors 3
English 340 The Art of Drama: (with appropriate subtitle) 3
English 341 The Development of Drama: (with appropriate subtitle) 3
English 360 The Art of Poetry: (with appropriate subtitle) 3
English 361 The Development of Poetry: (with appropriate subtitle) 3
English 545 Studies in the History of Literary Criticism: (with appropriate subtitle) 3

English 547

Studies in Theory and Criticism: (with appropriate subtitle)


Greek 103

First Semester Greek


Greek 104

Second Semester Greek


Greek 199

Independent Study


Greek 205

Third Semester Greek


Greek 306

Fourth Semester Greek


Greek 372

The New Testament


Greek 501

Readings in Classical Greek Prose: (Subtitle)


Greek 502

Readings in Ancient Greek Poetry: (Subtitle)


Greek 699

Directed Reading


Hebr St 105 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 3
Hebr St 106 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew II 3
Hebr St 131 Introduction to Biblical Studies 3
Hebr St 205 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I 3
Hebr St 231 Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible 3

Hebr St 232

Survey of the Literature of the Post-Biblical Period


Hebr St 233 Introduction to the New Testament 3

Hebr St 235

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible


Hebr St 236

The Biblical World


Hebr St 249 History of Jewish Civilization: Biblical Period 3
Hebr St 250 History of Jewish Civilization: The Greek and Roman Periods 3

Hebr St/Hist 274

Ancient Egyptian Civilization


Hebr St 305 Advanced Hebrew I 3
Hebr St 306 Advanced Hebrew II 3
Hebr St 332 Women in the Bible 3
Hebr St 474 Introduction to the Mishna 3
Hebr St 476 Introduction to the Targum 3
Hist 201 The Ancient World: The Near East and Greece 3
Hist 202 The Ancient World: The Roman Republic and Empire 3
Hist 203 The History of Medieval Europe: The Early Middle Ages 3

Hist 280

Islamic Civilization: The Formative Period, ca. 500-1258


Hist 301

History of Christianity, East and West to 1500


Hist 303

A History of Greek Civilization: The Greek City-State


Hist 304

A History of Greek Civilization: The Age of Alexander the Great


Hist 307

A History of Rome: The Republic


Hist 308

A History of Rome: The Empire


Hist 398 Honors Seminar: “Medicine and Healing in Ancient Greece and Rome” subtitle 3
Honors 200 Honors Seminar: The Shaping of the Modern Mind – “Nostalgic Fictions: The Odyssey and its Afterlife” subtitle 3

Latin 103

First Semester Latin


Latin 104

Second Semester Latin


Latin 150

Intensive Latin


Latin 199

Independent Study


Latin 205

Third Semester Latin


Latin 306

Fourth Semester Latin


Latin 406 Pliny and Martial 3

Latin 501

Readings in Latin Prose: (Subtitle)


Latin 502

Readings in Latin Poetry: (Subtitle)


Latin 508

Latin Prose Composition


Latin 699

Directed Reading


Linguis 211 Origin of Words  

Philos 430

History of Ancient Philosophy


Philos 452

Special Topics in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy: (Subtitle)


Philos 550 (450)



Philos 551 (451)



Philos 681 Seminar in Advanced Topics: “Aristotle’s Natural Philosophy” subtitle 3

Pol Sci 281

Classics of Political Theory


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