A photo of a student and advisor working together.


Welcome to the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s source for information regarding employees of the university relating to disabilities. The University’s purpose in providing this information is to increase knowledge in the area of disabilities as it relates to an institution of higher education. It is the University’s goal to provide the highest level of equal access to its facilities and programs for all individuals that have a relationship with UWM, and this information is just one small piece of that goal.  

It is critical that all interested parties work in concert with one another in order to achieve the goals of inclusivity, awareness, and understanding. As a service to University employees, the Disabilities in Employment Coordinator (DEC), Jason Kuiper, serves as the campus advisor regarding disability issues. All contact with Jason in this area is confidential, and more importantly, at no cost to you.  

Should you have any questions regarding your responsibilities or participation in such programs, you should contact the DEC at (414) 229-3094 or kuiperj@uwm.edu.

Please select the category that best suits your position for further information in that area.