A collage of three images: Students working in the library, a student in a wheelchair in academic regalia receiving her diploma at graduation, and a student and advisor working together.

Supervisors with Employees with Disabilities

As a supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring your employees are aware of their rights under the law, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Furthermore, you are likely to serve as the first line of communication with an employee with a disability. 

In addition, upon receiving a request for reasonable accommodation, or knowledge of an employee’s disability, this information must remain confidential. Such confidential information should only be discussed with the employee or the Disabilities in Employment Coordinator (DEC).

Important things to remember:

• Do not assume an employee has a disability unless he or she has informed you as such.

• An employee need not use the words “reasonable accommodation” to request one – an employee mentioning that his or her work is being affected by a medical condition or other health problems is sufficient to put you on notice that this may be a request for reasonable accommodation.  Contact the DEC if you believe this is the case.

• Any information gathered regarding an employee’s medical condition and reasonable accommodation must be kept confidential.

• Work with the DEC if you have any questions regarding your responsibilities under the ADA.
Should you have any questions regarding what to do when an employee has requested a reasonable accommodation, please contact the DEC, Jason Kuiper, at (414) 229-3094 or kuiperj@uwm.edu

Please following links may provide other relevant information that you may need:
Disability Accommodation Request Form (fillable pdf form)

UWM Reasonable Accommodation Policy (pdf)

Equal Employment Opportunities Commission Enforcement Guidance