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Torry Rufer
(414) 229-4090

Hello all! I am a UWM alumnus, having earned both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from this great university! In the spring of 2010, I received my undergraduate diploma from the School of Education with a degree in Educational Studies, and in the fall of 2011 I received my master’s also from the School of Education, majoring in Administrative Leadership (focus on higher education).

I am an admission representative with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, having served in this role since July 30, 2012. I am out in Wisconsin high schools educating students and counselors on everything from college preparation, programs and majors at UWM, financial aid, scholarships and more!

On campus, I am working to help students stay as involved and motivated as possible in their academics, community and future. I reach out to students through high school visits, coffee talks (1on1 appointments in your neighborhoods), mailings, emails and phone calls (pretty much whatever the situation calls for).

I chose UWM partly because of the location in a big city, and partly because I had a good number of friends who attended UWM. I think that is one great part about UWM, we really care about our Wisconsin high school students, and would love to see them stay in state to earn their degree! At the same time students who attend UWM get to see a great amount of diversity on campus and in the community as well as have great opportunities to work with some big time companies. Milwaukee is the 5th ranked city in the country as far as Fortune 500 companies go, with 6 in the Milwaukee area; add that with the multitude of other companies (local and national), the lakefront access and the local professional sports teams, and there really never is a dull moment! I think Milwaukee is a great city, and I think this university has a lot to do with that.

I have been here as an undergraduate student, a graduate students and now a professional and would recommend any of those 3 experiences to anyone who asks. UWM and the people here on campus have done a lot to help me shape my career as well as personal beliefs; so please come take a visit of our campus and let us show you how UWM can possibly do the same for you!

Please, do not hesitate to contact me at any time.