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Leonard White
(414) 229-6195

My name is Leonard White and I’m a Senior Advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. As my title suggests, I am one of the senior members of the unit. I’ve had the opportunity to have worked for UWM for a long time (since 1981; 30+ years) and have been working in the recruitment/admission of all potential students with a special emphasis or focus on students of color since 1987.

UWM is a place which has many faces. On one side, it is a large doctoral campus (home to almost 30,000 students) so it is large enough for you to get lost in if you choose too, but it is personable enough to be able to provide you with the things you might need to help you be successful.

If you go to school in the Greater Milwaukee area, Racine or Kenosha we are probably likely to cross paths as this is my territory.