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Pahoua Xiong
(414) 229-6899

Hello! Nyob zoo!

I often get asked why I chose UWM as my school of choice for my graduate degree. I am often at a loss for words because there are so many reasons why I love UWM!

After earning my Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies and a Certificate in Asian American Studies from UW-Madison, I felt it was time to expand my comfort zone. I wanted a campus community that appreciates diversity and celebrates the uniqueness that each student brings to the table. Moreover, I needed a community that will support and challenge me through practical experiences, community involvement, leadership, and much more. I found that community at UWM. After two and a half years at UWM, I proudly walked across the stage to receive my masters in Administrative Leadership, Higher Education emphasis.

During my graduate work, I served as the Conduct Coordinator in the Dean of Student Office where I helped students understand their rights and responsibilities as a member of the UWM community. I was also actively involved with different student organizations and participated in programs to promote an inclusive environment for students and staff/faculty. Overall, I have assisted students with overcoming educational, financial, and/or personal challenges.

As an admission representative, I am excited to share all of the opportunities that UWM and the city of Milwaukee has to offer as you shop around for the campus that will fit your needs and interests. If you are in my territories (counties in Central, South Central, Rock Valley, and Southwest Wisconsin), I am eager to meet and learn more about you, and how I can be of assistance to help you reach your career.

If you have any questions, please shoot me an email or give me a call, and let’s have a chat! Yog koj muaj lus noog, xav tau kev pab, los yog koj xav tau ntaub ntawv qhia txog UW-Milwaukee, koj hu tau tuaj rau kuv. Kuv tus xov tooj yog 414/229-6899.