University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Rachele M. Klassy

BS Sociology `01 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; MSW Social Work `07 from the University klassy 120x120of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Psychiatric Social Worker Coordinator and Psychiatric Social Worker, Milwaukee County Office of the Sheriff, Wisconsin

Rachele’s primary interest in acquiring her Masters in Social Work was to provide services to persons in the criminal justice system.  Following graduation she pursued employment in a very challenging area in the Milwaukee Correctional System.  Working as a Psychiatric Social Worker and Psychiatric Social Worker Coordinator in the Milwaukee County Office of the Sheriff, Rachele’s duties include performing suicide, psychosocial, mental health and AODA assessments, crisis intervention, the de-escalation of dangerous and volatile inmates, and crisis counseling.  Though dealing with potentially traumatic scenarios, Rachele has remained passionate and dedicated to serving this population and their mental health needs.