University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Gretchen G. Mead

meadBachelors in Psychology `98 from Clark College; MSW Social Work `04 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Director and Founder, Victory Garden Initiative, Shorewood, Wisconsin
Gretchen has introduced people to ways to improve their lives at an individual and community level through her program innovations in the local food movement in Milwaukee.  In 2008, Gretchen founded the Victory Garden Initiative in response to an increasing community problem, that of a lack of sustainable local food systems that deliver healthy and affordable food. The Victory Garden Initiative promotes the use of our own backyards (and front yards and rooftops and patios) for food production.  Gretchen also recognized the therapeutic value that local gardens have upon communities, families, and children. Her organization now serves over 200 families annually and has attracted national attention for its successful policy work to legalize cultivation of front yard city properties.