University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Umashanie Reddy

reddyBA `89 from the University of Natal, South Africa; Diploma, Bachelor, and Honors Degree in Library and Information Science `99, ’00, ’03, respectively, from the University of South Africa; Masters in Library and Information Science `08 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Manager, Diversity Services, Calgary Public Library, Alberta, Canada
Umashanie is a remarkable professional and personal role model.  She quickly became a leader in her field facing overwhelming obstacles.  At age 26, she was diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. She was determined to live and see her daughter grow.
At Calgary Public Library, she has undertaken a number of initiatives and contributed to key library activities. Umashanie has worked on the library’s Dragons Den and her project “Welcome to the Calgary Public Library: a DVD (film) in World Languages” will enhance the Library’s connections to the community. Additionally, Umashanie helped guide the Library Settlement and Services Project on how to support the settlement and integration of new Canadians.