University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Darrell L. Williams

williamsBS Early Childhood Education `93 from Rust College; MA Administrative Leadership and Supervision `95 from Marian College; PhD Urban Education `07 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Principal, Casimir Pulaski High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Darrell is a teacher, scholar and leader demonstrating commitment to, and success with, school improvements, serving as Principal at numerous Milwaukee Public Schools throughout his professional career.  In his current and previous assignments as Principal, he has taken some of the most challenging schools in Milwaukee and created a high level of structure, discipline, and educational focus, turning those schools into places of higher learning. His research and scholarly works have focused on issues critical to education (e.g., the power of the “self”, culturally responsive leadership, and building multicultural programs for students in school). He has also been a mentor to many new administrators during their first years of development.