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UWM Alumni Association  2013 Awards Nomination Form

To be considered for this year's awards, the UWM Alumni Association must receive nominations no later than Monday, June 17, 2013. Please complete the nomination form below. All items marked with * are required.
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*For the following award(s):
Lifetime Achievement Award - presented on limited occasions when the UWM Alumni Association recognizes an individual with exemplary achievements over the span of a lifetime

Distinguished Alumni Service Award - recognizes alumni for exceptional volunteer leadership and service to UWM or the Alumni Association

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award - recognizes superior achievements of UWM alumni in their chosen fields

Honorary Alumni Award - recognizes a non-alumnus/a who have given outstanding service to the university

Graduate of the Last Decade Award - honors alumni who have achieved accomplishments of significant importance at an early stage of their careers (1-10 years after their undergraduate degree)

Community Service Award - honors alumni who have generously contributed their time and talents for the enrichment of others and the betterment of their communities

Corporate Partner Award - recognizes corporations or non-profit organizations that have a significant impact on the campus and/or on the lives of alumni and students

*Brief statement of qualifications (suggested word count 200+):
Please submit all supporting materials (nominee's resume, curriculum vitae or biographical information) and/or letter(s) of recommendation to the UWM Alumni Association. This supplemental information is critical to the Committee's consideration of the nominees and is highly encouraged.

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Please mail, email or fax supporting materials and nomination letters to:

UWM Alumni Association, Attn: Erin Harrass, Hefter Center, 3271 N. Lake Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53211

Email: or Fax: (414) 229-6930. Questions? 414-229-4290

Ensure that the nominee name is on all supporting materials.