University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


2009 Distinguished Alumni

In the Field of Art and Education
Allen B. Caucutt
MA Art Education `63, BA Art Education `57
Art Educator, Artist, Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Alan Caucutt photo

In the Field of Business and Architecture
Greg B. Cook
MAR Architecture `81
Principal, Holabird & Root, Chicago, Illinois

Greg Cook Photo

In the Field of Creative Writing
Susan Firer
MA English/Creative Writing `82, BA Liberal Arts `73
Poet, Adjunct Associate Professor of English, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Susan Firer

In the Field of Music and Education
John L. Hibler
BS Music Education `68
Musician, Director of Bands – Retired, Brookfield East High School

John Hibler

In the Field of Business
Allan J. Klotsche
EMBA `94, BBA Marketing `87
BS Music Education `68
President, Brady Corporation's Asia Pacific Operations

Klotsche photo