University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Robert L. Bothmann

MS Cross Disciplinary Studies (Geography & English: Technical Communication) `05 from Minnesota State University, Mankato, Mankato, Minnesota; MLIS `01 from tbothmannhe University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; BA Geology 97 and German with German Literature emphasis `99, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota  

Electronic Access/Catalog Librarian, Associate Professor, Library Services, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota

Robert has acquired a national reputation in a relatively short period of time in the specialized field of library technical services, including meta data and the organization of digital documents.  A few of his extra responsibilities in Library Services include: serving as Coordinator of the Technical Services Unit; representing the cataloguing unit on the Coordinator's Council to provide leadership and direction in the continuing implementation of the Aleph500 Integrated Library System; serve as a member of the Library Web Team; and work across library units to manage initiatives that provide access to electronic resources for the university community.

Robert is an advocate of special information formats and their systems of electronic organization and is a committed scholar.  He has taken a leadership role in acquiring knowledge in library technical services and sharing his expertise with colleagues through courses and workshops and presenting papers at state, regional and national meetings. 

Robert is also an adjunct instructor at UWM, teaching Cataloging & Classification for the Master of Information and Library Science program