University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Gina Kaisler

BS Elementary/Middle Education `02
Fifth Grade Teacher, Elm Creative Arts Elementary School, Milwaukee Public Schools

From the very start of her teaching career, Gina has been an active advocate for students with kaislerspecial needs.  Parents request Mrs. Kaisler to be their children's teacher.  Gina expects all of her students to achieve academic excellence and makes sure they receive the best education possible in a positive environment.  The next grade teachers can tell which were Gina's former students because of the students' work ethic, the value that they place upon their class work, and their desire to learn.

Gina inspires children to value their abilities and their class work, and has motivated parents to become really involved with their children's schooling.  In 2006, Gina was awarded "Teacher of the Year" by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Alliance of Black School Educators, whose mission is to enhance and facilitate the education of all students with an emphasis on those with African descent, due to her continuing mission to lead all students to excellence.

She has been invited by a number of UWM faculty to speak to their classes about many different aspects of public school education, addressing real issues that face student teachers and first-year teachers.

A teacher-leader at her school, Gina is an active member of the Parent/School Health and Wellness Committee and the Parent Teacher Association.  She assumed leadership to create with the PTA a Peaceful Playgrounds.  And she also coordinated the creation of "Cooperative Games," a handbook for the entire Elm Creative Arts School and its community.  Her students explore how to make positive change of injustices in society, learning to solve their problems peacefully. 

Banners on Milwaukee Public School buildings state, "High Standard Start Here" complimenting Gina's motto about teaching which is "…it is (all) about the students."