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Alicia ('05) and Justin Groeschel


Campus Love Story: "I met my husband, Justin Groeschel, for the first time at a Bible Talk meeting held in the Union at UWM. We both were undergraduate students at the time; he a music major, and I an education major. Shortly after we met, I noticed that he hung out in the Union at the same time every day to study, eat, and hang out. I would purposely make my way to the Union so I could "bump into him". We became fast friends, and eventually started dating. After a few months, we both knew we were meant for each other and decided to get married. We were both in school at the time we got married (October) so we didn't have an official honeymoon. However, we were able to spend a lot of quality time on campus, going back to "our spot" in the Union every day to remember where we met."