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Brittany Buechel ('04)


Campus Love Story: "My wonderful husband and I met, fell in love and got engaged at UWM. When I started my freshman year at UWM I was in a new city and did not know anyone. My Mom and Grandma kept bugging me to join a club so I could meet some new people. Finally after all the coaxing I decided to talk to the Union Info Desk about what type of clubs UWM had to offer. They presented me with a large binder full of different things to try and I was overwhelmed with the choices so I decided to make some criteria on how I would choose. That criteria ended up being “what club would have the largest amount of guys to girl ratio in order for me to meet a man!” I ended up deciding on the UWM Cycling Club and boy was I right about that. I went to my first meeting in black leather pants and a well cut jacket and I was on my path.

After the first meeting I was invited to join the team for a party that they were having at one of the team member’s houses. After I had sat down and was getting comfortable the teams president came over to chat with me and we ended up finding out we had a lot in common. We liked the same music, we went to the same local hangouts, and we just generally hit it off. Then he asked me on adate and it just clicked. We knew after a month of being together that we were in love and eventually wanted to get married. Time had passed and we were still just as in love and still enjoying spending time together. Then came that fateful day when I was eating my lunch in the Union and a man walks in the door wearing a poster board sign and yelling out at the top of his lungs, “Attention everybody, I am madly in love with Britany and I want to marry her!” Then he walked over to me and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…………………… of course I said yes!

It has been 11 years almost to the day since we met and we are still madly in love and happily married with a beautiful daughter."