University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


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Jennifer Guldan ('11)


Campus Love Story: "Moving out of the dorms freshman year and finding a house on campus was a stressful time for my two roommates and I. After searching months to find the perfect college house, time was running out and we made an impulse decision to settle for a cheap house on Cramer St. Really upset house not being anything like I expected my first house to be like, I was not looking forward to moving in that summer. On move-in day, while I was unloading boxes from my moving truck, I was still contemplating moving back home and commuting to school because of how much I disliked the house. However, I quickly changed my mind when I saw a handsome boy drive up to the house in a moving truck. Little did I know, at that moment, that that boy moving into the lower unit of my new house would be my fiancé four years later! I could have not found a more perfect person to spend the rest of my life with, and I have UWM to thank for that!!"