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Laura Netboy ('11) and Bryan

Campus Love Story: This is the story of how UW-Milwaukee brought together a loud New Yorker and a quiet Midwestern girl.

In the late summer of 2009, I was anxiously anticipating the start of my first Fall semester at UWM. I had recently been assigned roommates for my new Kenilworth Square apartment and had begun correspondence with one of them. We messaged each other back and forth for several weeks but as our move-in date approached, she began telling me about a guy she had met at her orientation. She told me that he was coming to Milwaukee from Long Island, NY to get his Masters in Vocal Performance and that he too would be living in Kenilworth Square Apartments.

A couple weeks later...

My roommate and I moved into our new apartment and we were having a blast setting up our rooms. On our second night there we decided to take a trip to Urban Outfitters which was located right below our building. As we were returning from our shopping trip, we passed Bryan and his new roommate as they exited the Kenilworth lobby. She and Bryan happily exchanged hellos and then turned to introduce their roommates.

From that moment on Bryan and I have been inseparable. We've had our ups and downs but it's been an amazing two and a half years and we're looking forward to getting our first apartment together and in the near future, getting engaged.

Our experiences together at both UWM and all over Milwaukee have made up the majority of our memories together. Whether it was late night trips to Kopps for frozen custard, working together as students at the UWM School of Continuing Education, or spending evenings studying together at the library, we have many stories and memories that we will carry with us forever.