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Mary ('77) and Tom Goetter ('77)


Campus Love Story: "The year was 1977, our senior year. The class was Engineering Economics with professor Harlan Mueller. At that time, there were very few women in the school of engineering, so I was accustomed to being the lone female in most of my classes. Although I occasionally encountered Tom in the hallways of EMS or in study groups, this was the first class that we actually took together.

The alumni love story that I will share is the story of how Tom asked me out on our first date. As I said, it was 1977, our senior year. It was the last class before the final exams, graduation and the start of our engineering careers. The professor reviewed the material for the final exam and asked if there were any questions. After a few momens of silence, Tom Goetter raised his hand. "Yes Mr. Goetter?" said Professor Mueller. "I want to know" said Tom, "Would Mary Penn go out on a date with me?". Professor Mueller turned to me with an amused smile, "Well, Miss Penn?" I laughed and said yes. We have been married for 32 years, have 4 grown children that are our pride and joy and 3 delightful grandchildren, and we still laugh everyday."