University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


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Nicole Bolwerk ('11) and Dan ('11)


Campus Love Story: "Dan and I met in the Sandburg dorms. It was both our freshman year. He came from Madison and I came from Appleton, but we met through mutual friends. I had a  secret crush on him, but I couldnt really talk about it because my friend liked him. One day my suite mate burst through my door to tell me that she saw Dan walking around (and he was 'looking good'), and she said how she could totally see him and I being a couple. So I had to break it to her that I've been  thinking the same thing!! Then, about a year later, the same suite mate had a 'heart to heart' with Dan (keep in mind my other friend didnt like him anymore). They talked about me, and she encouraged him to 'do something for himself, for once' as she put it, by asking me out. Thanks to her words of wisdom, he did. Now, it's 5 years past. We watched each other walk for our degrees, we've lived together for a few years, and I'm waiting on an engagement ring, which he promises as soon as he gets his upcoming promotion! And that's our happily ever after."