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Patty ('82) and Karl Ayer ('79)


Campus Love Story:  "...and 33+ years later, still the love of my life. My husband and I met during  my sophomore year and his last year of grad school. I was dating another grad student. The two were TA's for the same professor and shared an office. When  that relationship ended, Karl was there to pick up the pieces. We met for lunchs in the Gasthaus - brought sack lunches since we were both broke, and talked for hours. We shared a love of music and fitness, mutual values and goals for education, relationhip, family. Spent countless hours on Fridays after class at Klotsche playing racquetball followed by pizza at the Pizza Hut in Sandburg Hall. We've come along way since the long shoulder length curls (on Karl) and the Dorothy Hammel cut on me. Two terrific, now adult,children - one of which is a Junior at UW Milwaukee. There is no doubt we have been blessed in our 31 years of marriage. Happily we get to return to campus regularly for events with  our son - he plays in the Panther Pep Band so we often are found cheering on the men's and women's basketball teams. It brings back great memories of our days on campus as we were courting. And I was planning to go to school out of state....what was I thinking?"