University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


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Rich and Felicia Ruiz ('14)


Campus Love Story: "I was sitting in Chemistry 102 and he came up and introduced himself as Rich going to school for Global Studies; I introduced myself as Felicia in Biomed. We were both more serious about school than anything else, and both being freshly out of relationships neither of us wanted a thing.

Being hardcore students, we both spent 10 hours at a time studying together, sometimes not leaving the library until 11pm. Valentine's day happened to be one of those nights, and our first unexpected date. After studying, we went to Mizu's and I noticed something very special about him.

Study sessions turned into long conversations, long conversations turned into dinner, dinner turned into movie nights. We eventually fell in love, and he switched his dream of Japan in fear of leaving me and a family one day even though I said I'd wait.

A year later (now) we went to Mexico over winter break for a vacation. During a romantic dinner on the ocean, he got down on one knee and I started crying. It took me about a minute until he said, "Sooooo..." and with a gasp of breath I said, "I'd be honored." We ended that night with a dance on the yacht on our way back.

I think back now on our story and how perfect it actually was. If I learned ONE thing from all of this, it would be that if you STOP trying to look for someone perfect and start doing the things you love, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with might just be sitting right next to you."