University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


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Shannon Gbursynski ('09, '10)

Campus Love Story: My boyfriend John and I met in High-school, but we fell in love at UWM. Upon graduation of high school we were voted "the cutest couple that never was" by our classmates, even though we just saw each other as casual friends.

Post graduation he went away to the University of Green Bay, and I started at UWM so our friendship faded. That is until he made the decision that Greenbay was not the right school for him, he wanted to transfer to UWM.

While he was clear about his decision to come to UWM, he was not clear what he was going to do for a living situation. His timing meant that he could not get into the dorms, so his only options were to move home and commute or get an apartment.

Fortunately, as fate would have it, my roommate and I had a third bedroom open in our apartment, he reached out to see if he could rent it. We couldn't believe our luck in finding someone who wasn't a stranger to move in we gave him the go ahead to become our roommate immediately.

Him and I took multiple business classes together and through all the TV watching and studying that roommates do, we became very close friends. A few years after moving out from that apartment we started dating, we've been together 4 and half years now. Had it not been for UWM we would have never spent so much time together, became such great friends, or fallen in love.