University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


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Susie Harper ('81) and Tom Harper


Campus Love Story: "I was living on the east side of Milwaukee, about to enroll at UWM. I had an  afternoon planned to go to the campus to submit paperwork and tour the campus.  My new next door neighbor had just graduated from the School of Engineering, and had heard about my plans. When the afternoon arrived, I went out to my car and it wouldnt start. I cranked it and cranked it but it just wouldnt turn over. Seeing me in distress, he came outside to my rescue. He told me that he had just graduated from UWM and could show me around the campus. We had a wonderful time touring the campus and getting to know each other. The next day he even fixed my car for me. I graduated four years later, and shortly after, we married. We have been married for 28 years now, and our oldest of four children now attends UWM. It was several years after we met, when he told me that he had pulled the spark plugs on my car that day so that he could meet me. Ahhh, true love!"