University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Career Webinars
Create a Job Search Plan (.pdf of slides / YouTube presentation)
Spending a lot of time on job boards with no results? Learn about how to create a job search plan that will diversify your job search strategies and help you organize a comprehensive and effective search plan.
High Impact Resumes & Cover Letters (.pdf of slides / YouTube presentation)
Prepare your resume and cover letter for upcoming events and get tips on creating documents that make you stand out in job applications. Learn do's and don'ts and current trends in resume and cover letter writing, how to tailor your resume and cover letter to market yourself for the job you want, and how to address specific cover letter and resume issues.
Effective Employment Interviews (new webinar coming soon)
In this webinar you will learn strategies and resources to help you know what to expect in a job interview and key interview do's and don'ts, how to effectively prepare and build your confidence, and how to answer challenging questions that may apply to your employment or experience history.
Get Ready to Network (new webinar coming soon)
This webinar will equip you with the tools to create a great elevator speech and appropriate approach for the upcoming networking events on your calendar as well as information on using LinkedIn to your best advantage. Learn do’s and don’ts for effective networking and how to find the people you want to network with and maximize the network you have.