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Alumni Career Profiles

Natalie_Christian_headshotNatalie Christian '08

As Wardrobe Supervisor at the nationally acclaimed First Stage Children’s Theater UWM graduate Natalie Christian (Theatre Studies, ’08) takes multitasking to a new level. Only 45 seconds for a complete costume change before going back onstage? No problem. Need to fit a jumping, dancing child actor in a wig that absolutely won’t fall off? Natalie can help. Natalie had a broad base of theater experience in high school, but it wasn’t until the end of her sophomore year at UWM that she rediscovered theater as her calling. Networking, some excellent professors, and participation in the Broadway Theatre Apprenticeship Collaboration all helped her fulfill her dream of working in the arts. In my conversation with Natalie, we talked about the adrenaline rush that is theater and how to make a sausage and sauerkraut hat. Go to full story.

Andrea Platten '08

For UWM graduate Andrea Platten (JMC and Art History, '08) helping talent down the red carpet, driving a golf cart on the NBC back lot, and seating audience members at The Jay Leno Show are all part of the job.  Platten recently completed a stint as an NBC Page and is now Marketing and Communications Coordinator in the International Television Distribution Group at NBC Universal, in which she helps promote NBC Universal owned content to international distributors. In my conversation with Andrea, we talked about the importance of networking, what it's like in the entertainment industry, and some things you might not expect about LA. Go to full story.