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Alumni Career Profiles: 2009


DelmenhorstPat Delmenhorst '98
For the last 12 years UWM graduate Pat Delmenhorst (MS, Educational Psychology, '98) has helped mature workers and displaced homemakers find career success through job placement, career planning and counseling and other programs. But as the Director of Employment Services at Interfaith Older Adult Services for over a decade, Pat is not only an expert at mid-life career change, she is a living example of it. A self-described "proud mid-life career changer," Pat went from a degree in Business Management and human resources work at GE in Kentucky to marriage, a move to Milwaukee and an 18-year career hiatus to raise her children. Go to full story. 

Nicole GrafNicole Graf '97
Nowadays three quarters of college graduates have left their first job out of college within 3-5 years. Nicole Graf (English, '97) goes against that trend. Currently Business Process and Project Manager at Manpower, Nicole started at Manpower as an Agreements Administrator almost six months to the day after graduation from UWM and hasn't looked back.  Since then, her career has taken her through a variety of positions that have included Corporate Account Manager, Operations Manager and Project Manager, during which she managed the first year implementation of the new Manpower brand for North America. A self-described lifelong learner, Nicole has pursued formal and informal education throughout her career. In my conversation with Nicole, we talked about networking, travel, "talking techie," and the fun of changing things up. Go to full story.

keith murphy photoKeith Murhpy '91
As Web Manager for the Medical College of Wisconsin, UWM graduate Keith Murphy (Education, '91) has a career that combines technology, education, and health care, three of the most competitive and "cutting edge" areas of the economy today. Originally a teacher in MPS, Keith has used his longstanding interest in educating children and, later, adults in a variety of ways and settings. In my conversation with Keith, we talked about the importance of people skills to technological work, wanderlust and the interesting places "not knowing what you want to do" with your career can take you. Go to full story.

M Yafet photoMadelaine Yafet
A career path built on technical writing sounds simple and straightforward, but for UWM graduate Madelaine Yafet (English '80) that path has been by no means linear.  Her career has ranged geographically from Wisconsin to California and back again, and has included working full-time from home, consulting, working from small start-up environments to Fortune 500 companies, and part-time assignments. There were also times when her technical writing took a back burner to her "second career" in music and singing. She is currently a Senior Information Developer with Wauwatosa-based Shoreland, Inc., a provider of information services for healthcare professionals. In my conversation with Madelaine, we talked about making transitions and the importance of luck, versatility, and doing what you're good at. Go to full story.

Anne Simaytis photoAnne Simaytis '01  
As Communications Director for the American Heart Association, UWM graduate Anne Simaytis (JMC and Econ, '01) wears many hats, including those of media relations, advocacy efforts, script writing, and volunteer management, to name just a few. Her career has ranged from being a Marketing Assistant at Curative Care Network to External Communications Manager at Potawatomi Bingo Casino to, most recently, Public Relations Coordinator at Kohl's.  Go to full story.

dp scurlock photo

David P. Scurlock '77
When his position was eliminated, UWM graduate David P. Scurlock (Marketing, 77) used a variety of networking strategies to market his skills and ultimately land a new position. Now a Director of Learning and Development for iPCS Wireless, an affiliate of Sprint, he shares the lessons he learned.  Go to full story.

D. Cooley PhotoCareer Karma: By David E. Cooley '86
In these challenging times, many people are looking at their careers and wondering "What just happened?" and "What do I do next?" The once reliable notion that years of hard work would result in having a long, established career - one with a sense of satisfaction, financial and emotional security - has been rocked to the core. I'm a UW-Milwaukee alum now living in Los Angeles. I'm a career and executive coach with a private practice and I also work as a career coach/counselor to the MBA students at UCLA's business school. In this role, I have been able to put a variety of career-related topics under the microscope lens. Go to full story.