University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Communications Tools
Alumni Directory
A tool used to create chapter event registration links, send emails to your chapter or target alumni population, and inform members about chapter happenings. Contact Cynthia Fitzsimmons ( to request access to the Alumni Directory Leader Module for your chapter. View the training webinars below to learn how to utilize this tool as a chapter leader:
Broadcast Email Training (video)
Learn how to create a broadcast email using UWMAA chapter templates, upload recipient lists, pull dynamic data groups of alumni (i.e. by college, school, geographic area, etc.), and send emails to selected groups of alumni.

Event Registration Link Training (video)
Learn how to create an online registration link for a chapter event, set up registration fees, and customize an automatic even confirmation email to registrants.

UWMAA Website
-The leader of each recognized chapter will be listed as a contact on the UWMAA Chapter Webpage.  You may include a name, photograph (request a Pounce Face to show your Panther Pride in your pic), email address, phone number, link to Facebook  page and LinkedIn  group
-Chapter events will be posted on the UWMAA Homepage and the Chapter Events page upon request.

Social Media
-Our chapter leaders are recognized as key contacts and representatives of UWM. Keep this in mind when posting to social media sites.
-Remember that not everyone in your chapter is technologically savvy. Use additional communication methods to market your events. 
-Visit and "like" or "follow" other chapter pages to help your fellow alumni spread the word.

-LinkedIn is a great way to communicate with your chapter members, market your chapter, and actively reach out to alumni who might be interested in your group.  New to LinkedIn?  Take a crash course: LinkedIn 101: The Basics of LinkedIn
-The UWMAA has a group that is 9,000 strong.  What better place to share information about your chapter and upcoming events?  Join the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Alumni Association Group and start a discussion today!
-You can also use the UWMAA LinkedIn Group as a way to identify and reach out to potential members; see instructions for How to Use LinkedIn as a People Finder.
-Create your own LinkedIn group for your chapter members to join and share ideas and information. Need help?  Check out LinkedIn's free training: How to Run a Successful Group

-The UWMAA Facebook page has over 2,500 likes and is a great place to advertise your chapter and promote upcoming events.  Like us and post away!
-The Alumni Association encourages chapters to create Facebook pages, not Facebook groups to promote individual chapter activities and news.
-Facebook pages are a great place to share pictures, publicize upcoming events, and network with chapter members.
-All posts need to be welcoming and promote the very best of UWM.
-Post UWM news and events to keep people informed.
-Please name your fan page "UWM Alumni Association (chapter name) Chapter."
-Please add all chapter leaders as page administrators.

-Twitter expands your network reach when sharing information.
-You only have 140 characters, so use them wisely!
-Fewer people use Twitter in comparison to Facebook. Use Twitter as a supplement and not your main source of communication.
-Mention @uwmalumni and use the hashtag #uwmalumni to ensure you're "retweeted."

UWMAA Logos and Branding Guidelines - coming soon