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How to Apply for Funding
-Follow these guidelines
-Consider these factors

  Event Request Form
Chapter Funding Guidelines

Chapters can request financial assistance from the UWMAA for events striving to increase alumni engagement, programs that include current or prospective students, and other strategic programs contributing to the priorities outlined below.  The UWMAA provides targeted financial support only to recognized Alumni Chapters and will base awarded funding on the following guidelines and process.

UWMAA funded events and programs must support one or more of the following priorities:
  • Advance the chapter: increase current membership by engaging and involving new volunteers in chapter activities; identify and develop future leaders; engage members in meaningful and creative events and activities that increase their commitment to the chapter and connection to UWM
  • Engage current UWM students: support student success and retention; assist students in career exploration, networking, and development; contribute to campus traditions and the building of a welcoming and inclusive campus community
  • Promote UWM to prospective students: participate in Alumni Ambassador Programming; support the Admissions Department by participating in and hosting student recruitment-related events
  • Support UWMAA student scholarships: host fundraisers; participate in calling campaigns; collect gifts from fellow alumni, community members, and corporate supporters
How to Apply for Funding

Follow these guidelines:
  • To be considered for UWMAA funding, the chapter must be able to provide measureable outcomes for the priorities outlined above.
  • Funding applications will be considered on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Applications must be submitted with sufficient time for consideration, approval, planning, and implementation of the event or program. Typically, event proposals should be submitted to at least twelve weeks in advance to be considered for financial support.
  • All applications will be reviewed and chapter leaders will be contacted by UWMAA staff with necessary suggestions, changes, and next steps.  
Funding requests will be reviewed by UWMAA leadership quarterly and the chapter funding pool will be strategically disbursed throughout the year. Requests will be reviewed based on many factors, including:

Consider these factors:
  • Is this request for a future event? (funding requests for past events will be denied)
  • What is the total cost of the event? How much is the chapter asking that the UWMAA contribute and how much will the chapter cover through fundraising, sponsors, registration fees, etc.? 
  • What type of event is this and how does it support the UWMAA event initiatives detailed above?
  • What are the intended outcomes for this event/program and how will the chapter measure the return on investment?  How will the chapter communicate this information to the UWMAA following the event?
  • Does the event involve strategic collaboration between chapters, UWM school/college/unit partnerships, or other sponsorships?
  • Has this chapter received funding for this event in the past?
  • How many active chapter members belong to this group?
  • How many events does this chapter hold per year?
  • How will the UWMAA be promoted/recognized?
  • Did the chapter provide a budget with the request?
The Chapter Toolkit includes Communications Tools and Event Planning Guidelines and Resources for event planning support. UWMAA staff is also available and happy to help chapters strategically plan and effectively implement successful and impactful events and programming.

Chapter Finances Processes:
-Alumni Relations staff manages each chapter’s financial activity as a part of the Alumni Association chapters account.  All revenues, funding requests, and approved expenditures must be reported to the Alumni Relations staff.
-All reimbursable expenses must be submitted within the same fiscal year and within 30 days. We will not reimburse expenses from the previous fiscal year.
-All checks submitted to the UWM Alumni Association must be payable to the UWM Alumni Association.
-Our auditors require that we reimburse from an original receipt, invoice, or credit card slip. Often, you will receive two receipts – one that itemizes your bill and another that just gives the amount. We need both of these.
-Chapter funding requests should be planned well in advance.  Planning and budgeting should be as specific and accurate as possible. Unapproved expenditures will not be reimbursed by the UWMAA.
-Without prior authorization, chapter leaders and members may not enter into any contract, engagement, or financial commitment in the name of or on behalf of the Chapter or the UWMAA.  Financial liability for any unapproved contract will be the responsibility of the individual who entered into the agreement.
-Chapters cannot request funds for activities that do not advance the mission and goals of the UWMAA, and event/program funding must support the initiatives detailed in the Chapter Funding Guidelines. Examples of events and programs that will not be funded by the UWMAA include:
-Meals or beverages for leaders or current members during chapter meetings
-Networking events for current chapter members that do not seek to grow membership or support students
-Gifts for chapter leaders and members
-Raffle items for events
After you've read the above guidelines, fill out an funding request form.