University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee


Chapter Purpose Development

Alumni Chapters are extensions of the UWM Alumni Association, organized and managed by alumni leaders to support and advance the UWMAA, the university, and their missions.

In defining the chapter’s purpose, chapter leaders should review and consider the group’s connection to the UWMAA and University missions:

UWMAA Mission and Vision

University Mission

The UWMAA does not define the role or goals for the individual chapters, but rather, encourages each chapter to focus on one or more of the following priorities:

  • Support individual school or college the chapter represents: Collaborate with the dean, faculty, staff and students to identify initiates, programs, and goals of the school/college all to which the chapter can contribute
  • Engage current UWM students: support student success and retention; assist students in career exploration, networking, and development; contribute to campus traditions and the building of a welcoming and inclusive campus community
  • Promote UWM to prospective students: participate in Alumni Ambassador Programming; support the Admissions Department by participating in and hosting student recruitment-related events
  • Support UWMAA student scholarships: participate in fundraising campaigns; collect gifts from fellow alumni, community members, and corporate supporters
  • Champion the university’s commitment to community engagement: organize volunteer and service opportunities for chapter members; support the collaboration between UWM and the larger community (local, regional/state, national, global); collaborate with UWM's Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research