University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Recruitment Strategies and Tips
-Utilize the UWMAA Communication Tools in the Chapter Toolkit.

-Involve your former classmates. Reach out to fellow Panthers you have keep in touch with or reconnect with old friends to invite them to join the chapter.

-Reconnect with your UWM faculty to see if they might identify more alumni to join your chapter.

-Get connected with professional organizations.  Ask fellow members of the groups, clubs, and other organizations of which you’re a member.  Inquire about adding a note in the organization’s newsletter for fellow Panthers to get involved.

-Contact the leaders of UWM student organizations and ask to connect with alumni who were members and board members of their groups while they were students.  You might also talk to these student leaders about how your chapter can collaborate with them and support UWM students.

-Reach out to past award recipients.

-Consider your co-workers. Many UWM alumni live and work in the metro Milwaukee area but we also have Panthers all over the world.  It’s likely that some (maybe many) work with you.  Ask around the office and consider using your company’s Intranet, directory, or contact your HR Department to find out who might be your fellow Panther colleagues.

-Establish recruitment goals for your chapter.  Encourage each chapter leader and member to recruite a certain number of new volunteers each year.

-Plan special events with the goal of recruiting new volunteers. See the Event Planning Guidelines and Resources section of the Chapter Toolkit.

-Contact past event attendees to thank them and follow up with additional opportunities to get involved.

-Encourage participation. Announce in chapter mailings, emails, and at chapter events that new volunteers are needed.  In your emails and posts, always include a way for alumni to indicate an interest in volunteering.

-Ask! People are more willing to volunteer for a project when asked by someone who is currently involved.

-Let us help you! The UWMAA can help identify leaders and members for your chapter.

-Remind potential alumni volunteers of the many benefits of volunteering (see below).

-Meeting fellow UWM alumni in your area and from around the world to develop lasting friendships
-Spreading Panther Pride
-Building your professional and personal network
-Staying well connected about current events affecting UWM
-Supporting current and prospective UWM students
-Enhancing your leadership, communication, problem solving, and team-building skills to utilize and advance in your professional career
-Getting satisfaction from giving back and making a real difference
-Having fun!