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alberto and studentSupport Student Scholarship Fundraising

The UWMAA is here to support Alumni Chapters in raising funds for UWM student scholarships. Follow the simple steps below, and as you get started, please contact Cynthia Fitzsimmons at or
414-229-3266, to assist your chapter in scholarship fundraising efforts.

1. Identify existing scholarships: Connect with the UWMAA to research and communicate with campus partners to identify existing scholarships that align with the chapter’s fundraising goals to which the chapter could contribute.

2. Create the scholarship: If no existing scholarship meets the goals of the chapter, work with the UWMAA to determine the scholarship award criteria, scholarship name, and short and long term fundraising goals.

-Award criteria should be broad and determined with guidance from the UWMAA. Criteria might include financial need, merit, school of study or major, regional location, racial or ethnic background, community service involvement, demonstrated leadership, or other broad factors. This criteria will be provided to the UWMAA Honors Committee, the group which selects student scholarship recipients for the Alumni Association.

-The recommended name for a chapter's scholarship is: UWMAA "Name" Chapter Scholarship.
-The chapter should set annual scholarship award goals and if desired, plan annual contributions to an endowment fund for the chapter's scholarship.

2. Contribute to the fund through individual and chapter outreach to alumni and friends and outreach to employers and corporate donors. (Please connect with the UWMAA before reaching out to corporations to communicate and collaborate in the approach.) Consider identifying a key donor to set up a matching donation challenge.

3. Market the scholarship to current students and prospective UWM students locally and nationally (if applicable).

4. Plan the scholarship awarding timeline and method. Work with the UWMAA to make plans to present the scholarship award through an existing scholarship reception event or set up an individual scholarship award method.

5. Celebrate the student scholar and your chapter’s success! Meet the student scholarship recipient and present the award.Recognize and celebrate the fundraising efforts of your chapter.