Academic Opportunity Center

Linda Chesky

UWM AOC Linda Chesky

Senior Lecturer - English
Office: Mitchell 185D
Phone: (414) 229-3760
Linda Chesky became a writer in first grade when the principal handed her a stapled stack of paper and said, "Now you're going to write the stories." She has learned much about the joys and challenges of writing since then, and shares those lessons with her students.

A Milwaukee native, Ms. Chesky first came to AOC as a class assistant in the mid 1980s and rejoined the program in 2001. Along the way, she taught high school and college English, wrote grant proposals, supervised parenting programs, and helped McNair Scholars with their research writing. She teaches English 095, 101, and 102 and has also taught in AOC's summer Bridge program. As a first generation college student who balanced single parenting with earning her master's degree, she knows what it takes to succeed and appreciates the drive and motivation of her students. She loves the energy, diversity, and community that AOC instructors, advisors, students, and staff create together.

Ms. Chesky has a daughter, two greyhounds, and too many books. She believes the best thing you can do in college is challenge your comfort level, her hair has been this color since she was an undergraduate, and her guilty pleasure is sports talk radio, especially the Petros and Money Show. She knows that writing is hard but satisfying work: she spent two hours writing and revising this bio!

M.A., Marquette University
B.A., Carroll College

Ludmila Dementiva

UWM AOC Ludmila Dementiva

Senior Lecturer - Math
Office: Mitchell 165A
Phone: (414) 229-3786
For 11 years in the AOC, I have worked with a population of students with various levels in Mathematics, different learning styles as well as students with diverse cultural backgrounds. My mission in teaching is to promote the learning of the subject matter, and at the same time help students learn to think logically, as well as learn problem-solving methods and techniques. In addition, I help my students to see course material in both a historical context and its application in the real world and to actual problems. My most important golden rule is "work together with the student towards a common goal while putting your entire soul into teaching".

M.S., Mathematics, Moldova

Dr. Angie Izard

UWM AOC Dr. Angie Izard

Lecturer - Educational Psychology
Office: Mitchell 165D
Phone: (414) 229-2397
Dr. Angie Izard teaches Educational Psychology 100. Dr. Izard received her undergraduate and Masters Degrees from the UWM School of Education and her Doctorate degree in Education from Cardinal Stritch University. She started teaching for the Academic Opportunity Center in 2004. In addition to teaching on campus for almost 8 years, she was also a UWM program manager for 10 years.

Ph.D., Education, Cardinal Stritch University
M.S., Adult Education Administration, UW-Milwaukee

Irina Kleyman

UWM AOC Irina Kleyman

Lecturer - Math
Office: Mitchell 165E
Phone: (414) 229-3959
I have 47 years of teaching experience, love to teach and work with students who needs my help. I hope students feel comfortable in my classes and are not afraid to ask questions. My goal is to give students good knowledge in mathematics the best way I can. Studying psychology is my hobby - I like to give students advice on how to improve their memory skills and how to be successful in math.

M.S., Mathematics, Russia

Christine Klingbiel

UWM AOC Christine Klingbiel

Senior Lecturer - English
Office: Mitchell 167B
Phone: (414) 229-3762
Christine Klingbiel is a senior lecturer for the AOC program. She has taught the range of English composition courses (090, 095, 101 & 102) for the English department and AOC program at UWM since 1997. She is also an active writer of both academic and creative writing. An academic essay has most recently been published in the book, Hermione Granger Saves the World (2012, McFarland), and short stories in Twisted Ink, Doorways, and Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet. As a published author, she focuses her classes on rhetorical awareness and strategies. She does not believe in natural talent but rather that anyone can become a good writer. Talent =interest & skill. Her teaching style is student centered and collaborative. She loves her Sheba Inu puppy and Nutella, hates centipedes and mean people.

M.A., English, Composition and Rhetoric, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
M.A., English, Creative Writing, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
B.A., English, University of Wisconsin-Madison

James Stoner

UWM AOC James Stoner

Lecturer - English
Office: Mitchell 185B
Phone: (414) 229-2410
Jim Stoner has taught since 1997 and has been a lecturer at UWM since fall 2005. His students are very important to him. He makes personal connections and is interested in each student. He motivates them to do their best and to succeed. He teaches English 095, 101, and 102. As part of his role in AOC, Jim co-coordinated the Bridge program from 2009 through 2012, was a Senator-at-Large from 2009-2011, and a member of the Academic Staff Orientation Committee from 2009-2012. He is also a UWM Campus Connect Suicide Prevention Trainer.

Jim has a lovely wife and five kids ranging from age six (twins) to nineteen. He also has an intense interest in poetry and other literary writing and has been published in journals like The Awakenings Review, Cultural Logic, Educational Studies, and The Pacific Review.

Masters in Liberal Studies from UWM
Masters of Arts in Professional Writing from Kennesaw State University in Georgia.
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from UWM

Mary Walz-Chojnacki

UWM AOC Mary Walz-Chojnacki

Senior Lecturer - Educational Psychology
Office: Mitchell 185A
Phone: (414) 229-6040
I have deep roots in the Milwaukee community and I am committed to promoting student success at UWM. I believe that when students clarify their goals, identify their strengths and seek the necessary support , they will achieve their dreams. My goal is to assist students with this process by offering knowledge and practice for academic success in college.

M.S., Curriculum and Instruction, UW-Madison
B.S., Education, Marquette University