Lake Koshkonong 2002/2003:
Archaeological Investigations at Three Sites in Jefferson County, Wisconsin

Prepared by: Robert J. Jeske, Principal Investigator.

Contributions by: Chrisie L. Hunter, Daniel J. Winkler, Debra Miller, Kathleen M. Foley Winkler, Timothy Dahlgren, Louise C. Lambert, and Melissa Parkinson

The complete report ( pdf 3.4 mb ) and individual chapters (see below) are available for downloading.

FRONT MATTER ( pdf 191k )

Acknowledgements ii
Table of Contents iv
List of Figures v
List of Tables

CHAPTER 1: Introduction
by Robert J. Jeske ( pdf 420 k )

CHAPTER 2: Continuing Investigations at the Crescent Bay Hunt Club Site (47Je904), Jefferson County
by Robert J. Jeske, Kathleen M. Foley Winkler, Timothy Dahlen and Louise C. Lambert ( pdf 1569 k )

CHAPTER 3: Preliminary Investigations at Carcajou Point (47JE02) Kelly North Tract
by Robert J. Jeske, Chrisie L. Hunter, Daniel M. Winkler, Debra L. Miller and Leanne Plencner ( pdf 899 k )

CHAPTER 4: Blue Heron Site (47Je1001) 2003 Investigations
by Chrisie Hunter ( pdf 488 k )

CHAPTER 5: Crescent Bay Hunt Club and Carcajou Point Sites Copper
by Melissa Parkinson ( pdf 125 k )

REFERENCES CITED ( pdf 96 k ) 191