Services Offered

Cultural Resource Management

UWM-CRM offers a full array of contract archaeology services including:

  • literature searches
  • archival research
  • cemetery documentation
  • field surveys
  • archaeological excavation
  • mapping
  • report writing
  • laboratory analysis of artifacts, animal bone, botanical materials, and human remains.

UWM-CRM also offers a comprehensive suite of architecture/history and historical investigations including:

  • reconnaissance and intensive surveys
  • preparation of Determination of Eligibility forms
  • National Register of Historic Places nominations
  • associated historical research.

UWM-CRM will also provide a variety of consulting services including tribal and descendent community consultation, development and preparation of effects documentation such as Finding of No Adverse Effect, Documentation for Consultation, mitigation plans, and Memorandums of Agreement.

Interpretation and Exhibition Development

UWM-CRM also provides a broad spectrum of interpretation and exhibition development services, including:

  • exhibition master planning
  • design, fabrication, and installation of traveling and/or temporary exhibitions
  • development of accompanying curriculum materials
  • social media planning
  • digital product development, such as supporting web sites