Anthropology Faculty/Staff

Prof. Robert Jeske

Robert Jeske, Professor

Director, Archaeological Research Laboratory
Office: Sabin 275B
Phone: 414-229-2424

Robert J. Jeske has conducted research on sites in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Mexico and Peru. His research interests include the economics of stone tool production and use, the changes in social organization and technology during the late prehistoric periods in the American Midwest, World Systems Theory, and archaeological site formation processes. Jeske is also involved in public archaeology and historic preservation, and has worked with government, non-profit and private organizations to use archaeology to serve the public interest.

Prof. Bettina Arnold

Bettina Arnold, Professor

Office: Sabin 229
Phone: 414-229-4583

Bettina Arnold is Professor in the Department of Anthropology. Her area of expertise is pre-Roman Iron Age Europe. She has participated in archaeological projects ranging from the Middle Bronze Age through the Roman period. She is the director of a long-term, collaborative research project in southwest Germany that focuses on reconstructing aspects of Iron Age social organization, including gender configurations and the role of ideology in creating and maintaining social inequality. She also has an interest in the history of archaeology and its symbiotic relationship with political systems since its inception as a discipline.

Jennifer Haas, Research Specialist

Principal Investigator - Archaeology & Architecture/History
Phone: 414-403-3158

Jennifer Haas, Ph.D. holds the position of Senior Archaeologist-Archaeology and Architectural History and Principal Investigator. Ms. Haas is the former owner and President of Great Lakes Archaeological Research Center, Inc. and has over 20 years experience managing a wide variety of archaeological and historical investigations throughout the Midwest. Ms. Haas is registered with the Wisconsin Historical Society as a human burial excavator as well as human skeletal analyst.

Prof. Jean Hudson

Jean Hudson, Associate Professor

Office: Sabin 225
Phone: 414-229-2821

Jean Hudson's research interests center around the ecological relationships between wild resources and the human communities that use them, with an emphasis on foraging societies of the past and present. Dr. Hudson's current fieldwork involves ethnoarchaeology with reedboat fishermen and the zooarchaeological analysis of preceramic sites in Peru. She is responsible for the Zooarchaeology Lab and has conducted research on faunal collections from sites in North America, Central and South America, Europe, and Africa.

Brian Nicholls

Brian D. Nicholls, Research Specialist

Pricipal Investigator, Archaeology
Phone: 414-405-1171

Brian Nicholls is Pricipal Investigator for UWM-CRM. Mr. Nicholls holds a Master's degree in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has 20 years of experience in the CRM field and has conducted archaeological investigations in California, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Mr. Nicholls is experienced in field archaeology and mapping as well as laboratory analysis and serves as UWM-CRM IT and GIS Coordinator. Nicholls is registered with the Wisconsin Historical Society as a human burial excavator.

Dr. John Richards

John D. Richards, Associate Scientist

Director, Cultural Resource Management Services
Office: Sabin 221
Phone: 414-229-2440

Dr. John D. Richards serves as Director of UWM Cultural Resource Management Services and Associate Director of the ARL. Dr. Richards has 30 years of experience in private sector and academic cultural resource management. He has served as Principle Investigator on more than 100 archaeological and historical investigations throughout the Midwest. Dr. Richard's major research focus is the late prehistory of the Great Lakes region.

Dr. Pat Richards

Patricia B. Richards, Associate Scientist

Associate Director, Cultural Resource Management Services
Office: Sabin 204
Phone: 414-229-2416

Dr. Patricia Richards is Associate Director of UWM Cultural Resource Management Services. Patricia Richards has conducted cultural resource studies in Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois since 1973. She has served as Principal Investigator on more than 70 compliance driven studies since 1988. Her specialties include mortuary analysis and historic period archaeology in the Great Lakes region.

Prof. Jason Sherman

Jason Sherman, Associate Professor

Office: Sabin 290
Phone: 414-229-4175

Jason Sherman's research focuses on the formation, expansion, and political and economic organization of ancient Mesoamerican states. He has directed archaeological research in two regions of Mexico: the Valley of Oaxaca and southern Quintana Roo (Maya lowlands). In addition, he has fieldwork experience in the southwestern and southeastern United States, Israel, and France.